We are Making the Mortgage Process SIMPLE.

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Do you need a mortgage, but you’re worried that the process will be tedious, time consuming, and overwhelming! We get it. That’s why we started Simple Mortgage. Our goal is to save you time and money, while giving you more flexibility and options than you can get from your bank or another financial lender, all while being there every step of the way. We have a large variety of mortgage solutions at our disposal and we are excited to help you achieve your goals with ease. It all begins with a dream that shapes into a goal. To some it may be your first home, to other is it may be that vacation home you always wanted. Whatever your goal is, it’s yours. So, Tell Us Your Goal and Let’s Get Started. It’s Just That Simple. Oh, did we mention we are Local?

Jason Vargo

I started in the mortgage world in 2017. Prior to that, I worked at the family owned car dealership for over 20 years. One of my favorite areas of the business was the vehicle finance department, which ultimately brought me here. The best part of being a Mortgage Broker in Fort McMurray is the people. Helping them reach their goals is what drives me to keep learning and finding the best solutions. Whoever coined the phrase “You never stop learning” must have been a mortgage broker! I consider myself a “lifer” in Fort McMurray as I was six months old when we moved up here from Southern Alberta. I’ve grown up here, and now I am raising my family here. I am proud to call Fort McMurray my home. Even though it’s grown immensely since I was a kid, it still has a “small town” quality to it. It is my goal to help you and your family find a home here too. Let’s work together so you can reach your goals. Tell Me your Goals and Let’s Get Started!

Getting a Mortgage Doesn't Have to be Complicated.

To start, all you need to do is tell us your goals. It's just that Simple. Let's Get Started!